Payroll Services

Duplex runs a fully compliant umbrella payroll service for
individuals on a temporary contract and those working with
a recruitment agency.
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We've Got You Covered

Duplex is fully insured for offshore workers as well as onshore
from crane operatives to white collar workers. At Duplex we work
hard to save you both the time and the money spent on payrolling
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Limited Company Services

Duplex offers a range of solutions that are best suited to your business
requirements. From Sole trader to Limited companies.
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Duplex offers a range of solutions that are best suited to your business requirements.

From Sole trader to Limited companies. Many bookkeeping companies charge by the hour or by item but we feel that this doesn't give you a grasp on you monthly spend so we have formulated several packages so you know exactly what it will cost you each month. There will be no extra charges and no hidden costs.

Why Choose Us?

Duplex is a small independent company delivering payroll solutions and Limited Company services for agencies and companies alike.

With our years of expertise we have developed a no hassle solution to paying temporary workers. Duplex is transparent and open, working with each client to ensure they are receiving the best possible solution for their business. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have grown our business through recommendations from employees and agencies and have retained many individuals. Duplex understands that in this current climate every penny counts and so we are happy to offer an incredibly competitive fee structure. Wages are a very serious matter, whether through PAYE or Ltd Company and we understand that staff must be paid on time and correctly every time to ensure the smooth running of your business.

What we offer...

Duplex offers a fully compliant payroll solution to agencies and companies.

After listening to individuals it was evident that an online solution was preferable. We have worked hard to ensure the correct information is collated with minimum effort from the individual. Duplex is insured for offshore and onshore workers so you have completely satisfied that individuals are covered when they are working for you.

The No Set Up Fee limited company structure is something that we pride ourselves on. Duplex looks to the long term and retaining its clients not just for the here and now. We will guide you through the set up process, to helping you find insurance and guiding you in the right direction. If your company works so does ours.

Our Team...

We are a diverse team all bringing something unique to the business.

With over 15 years experience within the financial market there’s not a lot we don’t know about payroll and bookkeeping. We believe in keeping it transparent and clear at all times and utilising the internet and information technology as a way forward. We are always working towards an easier solution for individuals and making everything as clear and as concise as possible. No Jargon just straight forward talking.

Umbrella Payroll and how is works

The Duplex Inclusive product the business. provides an umbrella service to contractors who prefer a fully employed payroll solution, but who also wish to benefit from reclaiming their genuinely incurred business expenses. In keeping with new legislation around the contractor market place, offering your contractors an employed model could realise the following for your company:

  • Full National Insurance savings.
  • No employer / employee responsibilities
  • 1st class customer service
  • 24 hour turn around
  • Guaranteed payment dates
  • Regular consultant reviews and updates
  • AWR compliant processes
  • Auto Enrolment systems
  • Easy invoicing, 1 weekly schedule, 1 weekly payment

Legitimate expenses include travel allowances, subsistence payments, accommodation costs, specialist equipment, telephone and broadband bills, plus other genuine business expenses. The "Umbrella" option will almost certainly benefit contractors, freelancers and temporary workers who typically earn between £100 and £350 per day. It is also the appropriate product for those individuals who do not want the responsibility of running their own limited company.

  • Fully HMRC compliant "Umbrella" product
  • A fixed weekly fee for the individual
  • Online registration process
  • Online expense submission
  • Dedicated account management + single point of contact
  • Enables contractors to reclaim all legitimate expenses and dispensations

How you benefit

Contractor Benefits

  • * SMS Reminder to Send Expenses *
  • * Net pay sent by SMS *
  • * Same Day Payment Amendments *
  • * Incentive Program *
  • * Low Admin fees *
  • * Online contracts and expense submissions *

Agency Benefits

  • * Free same day payments *
  • * Fully insured *
  • * Invoices sent within an hour *
  • * We deal with the contractor *
  • * Dedicated account manager *

Company Benefits

  • * Removing payroll burden *
  • * Paperless invoicing *
  • * Invoices sent within an hour *
  • * We deal with the contractor *
  • * Reduced ERNIC’s *
  • * Dedicated account manager *

Limited Companies

Are you thinking about starting your own company?

Duplex is here to make the transition as smooth as possible.


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Limited Companies

From talking through what you would like to achieve to setting up the company and helping you through the first tentative steps.

Start your company today for £49 + vat for the basic package

  • Company Formation
  • Companies House Registration and shareholder information
  • HMRC registration
  • VAT Registration
  • Insurance Broker details

For more inclusive packages we can help with;

  • Business Plans
  • Logo’s
  • Website design build and host
  • Adwords
  • Build a presence on the internet
  • Social Media updates
  • Leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Bank accounts
  • Insurances
  • Cash Flow

Our rates are competitive and individually tailored to each individual client. Duplex prides itself with keeping costs low because we understand that starting out you need all the help you can get.

Are you a sole trader? Have you thought about starting a limited company? In most cases it can be very beneficial for you to start a limited company. If you would like to discuss the options then please call us and we will be happy to discuss those with you.

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Duplex offers a range of solutions that are best suited to your business requirements. From Sole trader to Limited companies. Many bookkeeping companies charge by the hour or by item but we feel that this doesn't give you a grasp on your monthly spend. We have formulated several packages so you know exactly what it will cost you each month. There will be no extra charges and no hidden costs.

Duplex provides a personal contact within the company so a good repoire can be built so Duplex can understand your concerns and business requirements.

Sole Traders

  • Day Books
  • Tax returns
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Purchase Ledger

New Start Up business

  • Company Start up
  • PAYE registration
  • VAT registration
  • Shareholder information

Current Limited company;

  • Purchase Ledgers
  • Sales Ledgers
  • PAYE
  • Payroll
  • CIS
  • VAT
  • Management Accounts
  • All bookkeeping requirements

Each Company is as individual as the owner, so it's not possible to lump every business in a price bracket. Contact Duplex for a free no obligation consultation and we can discuss your requirements for now and the future. It's equally important that you feel at ease with Duplex, so we would always like to meet face to face, at a time convenient to you.

Clients Testimonials

  • Please can you add the following to your recommendation page; I’m not the best with paperwork and after starting my business from my dining room I was beginning to drown in paperwork. I called Duplex and after an initial consultation decided that both an electronic system and hard copy system would suit me best. They came in scanned all documents and then filed everything.

    That large weight has been lifted off my back and now all I have to do is keep the filing up. I would thoroughly recommend Duplex and would have no problem inviting them back for more work.

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    • Cliff S
    • Photographer - Watford
  • I have written a few words regarding my experience with Duplex and I am happy for you to publish on your website. I have run my business for over 3 years and I had been able to deal with many issues arising. After having my baby felt I wasn’t spending enough time on my clients I had built up over the years. I spoke to Duplex regarding my concerns and they came up with a fantastic plan to help me. Everything was clear and concise and I was able to tell them exactly what I required them to do and they kept to it, going over and beyond my expectations.

    I have since used Duplex for a number of occasions, not only do they come up with solutions I can brainstorm with them and 2 heads are always better then one. Thank you Duplex

    Author image
    • Lucy B
    • Cake Decorater – Farnborough
  • After being made redundant from my job I had no idea how to go about setting up on my own. I happened upon Jennifer by a chance meeting and haven’t looked back. Starting up any business is stressful but after speaking to Jennifer and her explaining the pitfalls and areas to be aware of I felt I had a much better understanding. Duplex look after my accounts and my administration to let me get on doing what I do best. They think of solutions to problems for me that I haven’t even considered. My business is growing and I can’t thank Jennifer enough for all the support to help me get where I want to go.

    Author image
    • Chris
    • Mobile Bike Mechanic – Ely, Cambridge
  • “Since using Duplex I have seen a saving in my accountant’s fees. I would wholly recommend Duplex

    Author image
    • Adam
    • IT Consultant - London
  • Duplex has solved my back office issues I was having after my administrator left. I have since realised that I do not need a full time administrator but now employ a part timer that uses the system that Duplex put in place saving me time and money.

    Author image
    • Penny
    • Online Retailer - London
  • I needed to save money to continue my business. After contacting Duplex I realised that I needed to make some difficult decisions. I moved my payroll and accounts to Duplex and I was able to save money to ensure I could keep going in this difficult market.

    Author image
    • Thomas
    • Building Contractor – N12 London

Frequently asked questions

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FAQ’s Contractors

Fill out the online application form, P46 if required and Duplex will call you to confirm that everything is in order.
Not a problem, we can pay you for all the work you do. It is better that you are under one payroll company to ensure your taxes and expenses are allocated correctly. Please call your dedicated contact at Duplex and we will get that sorted for you. One payment, one payslip.
Please use the online expense processing claim form and Duplex will receive them immediately.
From time to time we realise it’s not always possible to send your expenses. Please contact your dedicated contact at Duplex and they will be able to help.
For the week you have previously worked we will require your expenses no later than 3pm Monday. If you are paid Monthly then we will require them 2 days after the month cut off period. This will be discussed with you and a calendar will be sent so you know when to send your expenses.
Please read the expense policy. If you can’t see what you would like to claim for then please contact your dedicated contact and they will be able to discuss this with you.
As an umbrella payroll employee you do not get your expenses paid. Expenses are tax deductible, if you are expecting reclaimable expenses from your company or agency then please call us and we will look in to that for you.
Due to government legislation there are only a proportion of expenses that you are allowed to claim for. In the same tax year we can carry over the unused expenses to a later date.
If you have sent your expenses then please contact us. If you did not send any or missed the deadline then we will add on to the following week. A text message is sent to you if we have not received them by the end of the working day Monday. It is your responsibility to send your expenses to us to ensure you are taxed and paid correctly.
When you registered with Duplex you will have filled out a P46 or been asked for a P45. Duplex can only go by HMRC. Please call us so we can help ensure you are being correctly taxed.
Do you have another job? Do you have a pension paid to you? A Basic Rate (BR) tax code, taxes you on everything you earn through Duplex. Please call us and we will talk you through the process if you do not have another job and this is your only source of income.
Duplex pays your tax and national insurance on a monthly basis under the current requirement by HMRC. All payments are on Real Time Information with HMRC and any changes to your tax code, student deductions we will be informed immediately.
Duplex can not deduct a student loan unless we have been previously informed by HMRC. Please contact us and we will talk you through the process.
Then we have not processed any pay for you. Your agency or company has not sent across a payment schedule. Please do not leave it to the day you are due to be paid. A sure sign you have no payment is no text message – so CALL DUPLEX WITHOUT DELAY, please do not call your agency. Duplex will deal with the issue on your behalf.
Then please call us immediately on 0330 22 33 795
Please contact us on 0330 22 33 795 and we will be happy to discuss how the service works.

FAQ’s Companies / Agencies

When you employ temporary staff you are able to utilise the Umbrella payroll model. As long as certain criteria is met then there is no reason why you can’t start saving £’s now. You send us a schedule of the Gross Payment you would like to pay your staff and we do the rest. You can rest assured that all tax and national insurance is paid on a monthly basis using HMRC RTI (Real Time Information). All employment contracts are with Duplex so you do not need to take in to account any holiday pay or statutory payments, Duplex deals with all of this.
It is. We are fully compliant to all HMRC regulations and legislation and are constantly ensuring that we are up to date with the latest information through partners that specialise in temporary contractor payments. There are many umbrella payroll companies in the UK and many companies that are utilising this method of payment.
Duplex will be happy to discuss this with you and your staff. All our contracts are fully regulated with current legislation.
Duplex is UK based so individuals will still be liable for UK tax and national insurance. Duplex are not offshore and DO NOT operate a gross payment service. Duplex has worked hard to maintain it’s reputation within the market and are fully insured to cover offshore workers from Crane Operators to White Collar Workers.
Once your payment schedule has been received we will issue you with an invoice. This invoice must be paid a day before the individuals are paid. Current clients pay by same day method to ensure that payment to the individuals are paid on time.
You don’t need to. We have a dedicated team that will come and discuss all the information and how it works to your employees. Duplex has an information pack that can be sent to your staff or left on the day of the meeting.
Nothing. There is only a saving for you. Urm.... still seems too good to be true? Duplex are based in the UK so all tax and national insurance due is paid to HMRC. Duplex has not and will not operate a Gross Payment Scheme. Please call us and we can answer any concerns you may have regarding Umbrella Payroll.
Please see the new Onshore Self Employment information from Duplex. You do not need to worry. The Umbrella System Duplex runs is ideal for you to ensure that you do not fall foul of the new legislation that came into force in April 2014.
That’s a shame. At Duplex we pride ourselves on an upfront transparent service and we would hate for things to have got this far, but if you would like to leave then you can. You stop sending us the schedule and we stop paying the individuals. There are some processes that have to be adhered to ie P45’ing the individuals but once that is completed then the relationship is finalised. We only ask for 1 weeks notice period.
Perfect. Then this is the service for you? We can pay from 1 individual to 1000’s and back to 1 or none again. It’s a totally flexible service for you and at no cost. Ok I like what I see, I would like more information? Then please call Duplex on 0330 22 33 795 and we will be more than happy to talk to through the process and set up a meeting so it can be explained in further detail. We can run you a mock payroll to show your savings and the benefit to your current temporary employees. If you decide to go ahead with our service then you will be allocated one Client Contact within Duplex, that individual will meet with your staff if required and that same contact will be the contact for all your employees.

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